Used and Refurbished IQF Spiral Freezers

Advanced Equipment sells used individual quick freeze, or IQF spiral freezer systems.

Our customers have a habit of trading in and upgrading to a larger spiral system as they grow their business. Our used spiral systems are completely refurbished before sale, and our used sales come with a warranty. We are a well-known world-leading manufacturer of IQF spiral freezers. Like many car manufacturers, Advanced Equipment completely refurbishes freezer system trade ins to meet the rigorous, exacting standards for an Advanced spiral freezer.

Advanced Equipment manufactures spiral freezer systems for a wide range of food freezing applications. Besides handling large volumes, our versatile spiral freezer systems are also designed for small and medium capacities. Here are just some of the food applications covered by a new or used Advanced Equipment spiral freezer.

Save Money Used or Refurbished IQF Spiral Freezer.

You can save a substantial amount of money on a spiral freezer by buying used. One company’s refurbished freezer system can be the beginning of another company’s bright economic future filled with expanding sales. As a manufacturer, we can easily make modifications, before or after our used refurbishing process, to ensure you get exactly what you need in a spiral freezer.

The cost savings with buying a used spiral system can vary. One major consideration is your timetable for the installation and implementation of your used-new spiral freezer. For example: We may have a used freezer trade in coming in six months that perfectly fits your needs. However, your implantation time frame is much shorter. An Advanced Equipment IQF freezer expert can quickly analyze your needs and come up with a time frame and options, if we have the right, used compatible spiral freezer.

Used and Refurbished Spiral Systems Availability

Available used freezer systems depend on your specific freezing process needs. If your needs are out of the ordinary, we may be able to customize a used spiral system and save you a lot of money.
It is always worth a quick call and an Advanced Equipment freezer expert will know what used units we have in stock and any spiral freezer system trade ins scheduled to come in.

You can also schedule a free introductory consultation on buying a used IQF spiral freezer.

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