Advanced spiral steam cooker
Advanced spiral steam cooker interior details

Advanced Spiral Steam Cooker

The Advanced spiral steam cooker is one of the most versatile Industrial steam cooker systems available. Our commercial food steamer is designed to cook any delicate product, which is prone to product damage problems. Our commercial steamers are factory assembled, tested and wired for fast installation. Food products such as meatballs, meat patties, chicken parts, shrimps, perogies, prepared foods, and other products are a breeze with an Advanced spiral steam cooker.

Advance Equipment has been a globally recognized manufacturer since 1986. We are an industry innovator known for our high-quality systems and superior support. We have a proven track record with over 400 installations in 20 countries (5 continents). There are centuries of design and engineering experience behind every Advanced spiral steam cooker.

Steam Cooker Features

We are constantly tweaking and improving our commercial steam cooker. One of the biggest advantages with Advanced that our engineers can think outside the box to come up with innovate solutions. For example: Every once in a while, a new customer has a one of a kind problem with a unique food product they want to produce. Odds are, our engineers can solve their unique food process challenges with creative modifications and innovative solutions. Advanced is the 'Go To Company' in our industry for companies that need a solution to their unique concern.

Here are just some standard features of the Advanced spiral steam cooker:

Continuous in-line-belt freezer design assures both quality and gentle handling during the cooking process AND minimum weight loss.

Products are fed evenly from the production line directly onto the loading cooker belt. The belt quickly transports the product on to the high steam temperature cooking zone. The belt travels in spirals up along the rotating drum, until it reaches the top, the belt runs out of the cooker discharge port where the cooked product is gently discharged.

Due to the large belt surface available, the product can be cooked in single layers or individually for I.Q.C. (Individually Quick Cooking) quality. The product can maintain the original load in position throughout the cooking process.

Simultaneous cooking of different products with mixing, which simplifies product sorting, after cooking. This can result in major time and labor savings.

Stainless steel heavy-duty spiral telescopic belting. The belt can be telescoped and extended to change the pitch of the links. During operations, the extended belt approaches the rotating drum and one side telescopes in causing it to turn around the drum, as it travels in a spiral up the rotating.

Looking for a Steam Cooker Solution?

Give us a call and one of our steam cooker experts can answer any questions and show you how Advanced has the solution that covers your needs. You can also schedule a free introductory consultation on our spiral steam cooker.