Fast -60 Impingement Patty Freezer

Advanced Seal welded Modular Impingement Tunnel Freezers.

Combine compactness with highly efficient conveying and freezing systems, ideally suited to handle various thin/flat food products.

Advanced Seal welded Modular Impingement Tunnel Freezers designed with food safety as the highest priority.

Advanced Seal welded Modular Impingement Tunnel Freezers are designed to be delivered in large module sections with all electrical components, including the control panel, and are pre-electrically installed where possible and permitted. Pre-assembled and pre-tested before shipping. The Freezer can be craned and placed on the production plant floor, leveled, connections made, and ready to operate typically in a few days to a few weeks, depending on the Freezer design. Floor configurations such as leg heights and underfloor cleaning are available. The enclosure is suitable for outside installations, whereas the belt exiting and entering the Freezer can be through existing facility walls, providing adequate air balance is considered, and it has the necessary shelter from variable weather conditions.

Construction is of exceptionally high standards, using heavy-duty components, resulting in a very rugged machine well suited to the extreme conditions it must perform.


An enclosure with a high-efficiency insulation rating minimizes heat transfer through enclosure walls.

Advanced Seal welded Modular Impingement Tunnel Freezers feature a flat-top conveyor belt. Specially designed impingement plates allow multiple jet streams of cold air to penetrate the product's boundary layer, offering the most efficient freezing from both the top and underside of the product, generating high product yield.

Advanced Seal welded Modular Impingement Tunnel Freezers have incorporated access to maintenance and cleaning in a design that enhances personnel and operator safety.

The Advanced Seal welded modular impingement tunnel freezers are designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of the USDA, AMI, FDA, ASHRAE, UL, and CSA cleaning, efficiency, and safety standards.

The Freezer is designed to serve as a piece of food processing equipment.

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