Bakery Spiral Freezer Solutions!

Advanced Freezers for the processing and handling needs of the diverse pastry industry show you how to handle all types of bakery goods with our premiere custom spiral freezers.

We possess 30 years of practical manufacturing expertise in spiral freezers for bakery goods in food processing plants.

Our Spiral Freezers are tailored for pastry freezer products, from bread to cakes and cookies to pastry and pasta.

We understand the dry foods and bakery sector covers a diverse set of flour-based products, including bakery mixes and frozen dough products, and that you require a Spiral Freezer tailored to your plant and products.

This broad diversity offers a wide range of challenges. Advanced Equipment offers Bakery Spiral Freezer solutions.

Food processing plants require increased processing automation and lower production costs without compromising product quality.

Advanced Equipment custom designs spiral freezer systems to meet your bakery product processing specifications. Every system we build is tailored precisely to your needs.

We manufacture spiral freezer equipment to fit your food processing plant's needs.

Please look at our Spiral Freezer for small to medium-capacity

Bakery Spiral Freezer—Hygiene and Sanitation

Advanced Spiral freezers ensure excellent product freezing quality and reduced shrinkage loss. We design our IQF spiral freezers to meet the needs of the food processing plant, Both in terms of the size of the product to be frozen and the capacity required. Our IQF Spiral Freezers help achieve high-quality IQF pastry and bakery freezing without compromising energy efficiency or yield.

CIP 'Cleaning-in-Place' Technology

Advanced Equipment appreciates that cleanliness is a priority for food plants.
Advanced freezers offer our own CIP 'Cleaning in Place' Technology and over 30 years of reliable food freezing equipment for Bakery Food.

The Advanced CIP System For Spiral Freezers Provides A Sanitary Design Of A High-Efficiency, Energy-Saving Cleaning Solution For Reduced Operating Expenses, Ease Of Cleaning, And Trouble-Free Production

More Info on Sanitation.

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Site Assembled IQF Spiral Freezer

Advanced Site Assembled IQF Spiral Freezer is a continuous in-line-belt freezer designed to minimize product weight loss and assure quality gentle handling during the freezing process. Completely factory assembled and designed to minimize site installation time.

BAKERY PRODUCTS: pizza crust, pie, cookies, pastas, and bread dough


site-built-spiral-freezer detail schematic
Site Built Spiral Freezer Manufacturer Advanced Freezer

Our Packaged IQF Spiral Freezer

The Advanced IQF Spiral Freezer is a continuous in-line-belt freezer designed to minimize product weight loss and ensure gentle quality handling during the freezing process.

BAKERY PRODUCTS: pizza crusts, pies, cookies, pasta and bread dough


packaged- spiral- freezer diagram of interior flow
Packaged Spiral Freezer Manufacturer Advanced Freezer