Our Commitment to Superior Design Assistance

We've been manufacturing freezers for over 40 years, and during that time, we've taken on unique technical projects that require a high level of proven experience and knowledge.

Our History

This industry requires urgent communication, so we've developed systems that accelerate our response time. We're pleased to claim that our clients will receive their answers within an hour and two days.


Our Philosophy

Design assistance involves sharing our expertise with our clients. Our expertise is developed through self-driven innovation and collective industry feedback. We have dedicated professional engineers who have been providing unique solutions for over 40 years. We take pride in delivering detailed specifications that produce the best results.

  • We design and build freezers that match or exceed the original engineering expectations.
  • We aim to design and manufacture the most RELIABLE, EFFICIENT, and CLEAN FREEZERS of the highest quality for the food processing industry.


Our Approach

We approach every customer with the utmost dedication and commitment to building the best possible freezer for their special product.

We always design our freezer based on five main principles:

  1. SIMPLICITY in operation and maintenance
  2. EFFICIENCY in energy use and green materials
  3. CLEANABILITY by food safety standards and standard sanitization practices
  4. SAFETY in constant operations
  5. DURABILITY for long-lasting operation and retained capital value.


Our Team

Our professional licensed engineers will assess and evaluate the customer's design concepts and questions. When the opportunity arises, we provide input on how to improve our customer's freezing processes. This improvement comes from our experiences with similar products.


We always answer questions and provide viable alternative solutions before transforming our customers' requests into accurate CAD and 3-D modeling drawings and producing a working prototype. In doing so, we arrive at the suitable materials and the best processes to produce the desired results at the lowest possible cost and with the shortest lead time.


Hygienic sanitation for freezer operation is an optional procedure.

An automatic cleaning system (CIP) is an optional feature that saves labor and time for cleaning and sanitizing. With the CIP, you must press one button, and the system will clean itself. Like any washing machine, it runs on timers through washing cycles.