Meet The Executives

Peter, President

Peter has tremendous hands-on experience and expertise in designing and manufacturing food-freezing equipment. Before founding AEI, he had worked with some refrigeration industry leaders, which allowed him to hone his technical skills. Under his leadership for over 30 years, AEI has earned a prominent spotlight in the industry, with almost 400 installations spanning 20 countries and over five continents.

Peter has been licensed as a Professional Engineer in Texas and Washington, USA, since 1976. He is also licensed in Environment Canada for refrigeration applications.
In the community, Peter is a generous philanthropist. He has given to many local charities and has been awarded the local Red Cross Honorable Steadfast Supporter award.


Richard, Vice President

Richard's engineering background ranges from aerospace to manufacturing. During his tenure at AEI, he has worn many hats, starting as a drafter and purchaser and working in customer service. He then rose in project management, shop tracking systems, application specialization, PLC programming, office administration, and sales. Being trained across the board has helped him acquire many skills and accomplishments throughout his career. His well-rounded experience contributes to the growth and success of AEI in the global market.

Richard earned a Bachelor's in Aerospace, Aeronautical, and Astronautical Engineering from the University of California, Los Angeles. Other skills Richard has developed are turbo machinery development, ACM reliability testing, and flight analysis at Honeywell Aerospace.

Paul, VP of Sales and Marketing

Paul has over 30 years of experience working in the industrial freezer industry in Canada and the US. Previously, Paul teamed up with Lars Johansson, a veteran of the industry, and started the AeroFreeze office in the US. They introduced the spiral and tunnel product lines, which grew worldwide and resulted in immense growth for the organization.