IQF Spiral Freezers Manufacture by Advanced Equipment

Advanced Equipment is a premiere IQF  spiral freezer manufacture that has your individual quick freezing, or IQF spiral freezer solution, as a spiral freezer manufacturer we know some food plants have limited space. Our small, medium and large volume IQF spiral systems operate in virtually every food processing sector including convenience foods, ready meals, frozen snacks, chicken, fish and poultry products, the bakery sector (frozen bread, cakes and pastry products) and fruit, vegetables, etc.

Since 1976, Advanced Equipment has been a leading global IQF spiral freezer manufacturer that makes a dependable, cost effective and high ROI freezer.

Our spiral freezers and coolers are modified and custom tailored to your needs. For over 40 years we have forged long term partnerships with our customers.

Our freezer systems are built to last. At Advanced the Quality is built in, BEFORE our name goes on.

Spiral Freezer Manufacturer Highlights

Our spiral freezers have a cornucopia of features no matter what your industry or food freezing needs may be. Here are a few feature highlights of the Advanced as a spiral freezer manufacturer:

  • Advanced is responsive to your unique needs, concerns and food product logistics. We incorporate your food plant requirements into the design of your freezer.
  • 360 Degree freezing controls the content’s entire surface to freeze in a fast and highly efficient way.
  • Frozen content will retain its original freshness, texture, and flavor.
  • No ice build and an easy cleanup process when using our CIP system.
  • Advanced spiral freezers are both size and feature customizable!

Versatile Conveyor System is included

As a spiral freezers manufacturer Advanced includes a conveyor system that consists of a continuous stainless steel belt wrapped around a rotating drum, moving in a refrigerated environment. IQF Spiral freezers are able to utilize more vertical space. Maximizing valuable space makes our IQF spiral freezers ideal for freezing large volumes of product in a limited amount of floor space.

CIP 'Cleaning in Place system technology

Food plant sanitation is a priority with Advanced as a responsible spiral freezer manufacturer we offer our own CIP Clean in Place equipment Technology backed by over 40 years of reliable food freezing equipment experience. We have created unique CIP hygienic standards that lower cleaning costs and provide lower total cost of ownership.

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Packaged IQF Spiral Freezer

Advanced Packaged Stainless Steel IQF Spiral Freezer is a continuous IQF food processing freezer designed to minimize product weight loss and assure gentle handing of product during the freezing process. It is the most versatile IQF freezer application designed to freeze prepared food products size above 1/2" in diameter.

The freezer is packaged in one to three split sections; joints are easily welded together at site. All Enclosure Panel joints are seam welded on both interior & exterior surfaces to meet sanitation code requirement. USDA, UL, CFIA, CSA approved for meat plant operation.

IQF Packaged Spiral Freezer shows technical drawing of interior and belting
IQF Packaged Spiral Freezer Manufacturer

Site Assembled IQF Spiral Freezer

Advanced Site Built IQF Spiral Freezer manufactured and designed to minimize product weight loss and assure quality gentle handling during the freezing process. Completely factory assembled and designed to minimize site installation time.

Completely factory assembled, tested, and disassembled into components to be easily shipped to plant for re-assembly. Frame & Belt supports can be constructed with economical Hot Dipped Galv. Steel or fully Stainless Steel version.
Freezers are built to USDA, UL, CFIA, CSA standards.

IQF spiral freezer manufacturer site built factory built and re-assembled