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Tunnel Blast Commercial Freezer

Drag Thru Dolly Tunnel Freezer
Drag Thru Dolly Tunnel Freezer Interior
Drag Thru Dolly Tunnel Freezer Interior


  • POULTRY INDUSTRY - chill packs
  • RED MEAT INDUSTRY- ideally adaptable to chill primal, sub-primal, chubs, and offal or freeze all types of packaged items
  • VEGETABLE INDUSTRY- freezing packaged asparagus, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, etc.
  • SEAFOOD INDUSTRY- freezes large fish such as salmon

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Advanced Modular Blast Freezer

The Advanced Equipment tunnel blast drag thru dolly freezer chills or freezes a wide variety of food products such as poultry, red meat, vegetables, specially prepared foods, and seafood. Our blast freezer system is perfectly suited for the seafood industry in particular. Our modular tunnel freezer enables you to easily increase production by simply adding more tunnel blast modules. Versatility is a big feature with our tunnel blast drag thru dolly freezer

The Advanced tunnel blast dolly freezer includes the option to chill or freeze three types of packaged products simultaneously.

Our modular tunnel freezer is equipped with two, or three, conveyor lanes, which can manually speed up or slow down each lane to meet any product needs.

The Advanced tunnel blast dolly freezer is best suited for crust freezing, chilling of tray packaged parts on a continual basis, or to deep freeze the bulk parts and low grades overnight.

Advanced Tunnel Freezer Systems

Since 1986, Advanced Equipment has been designing and manufacturing our own tunnel freezers. Our refrigeration engineers literally have centuries of experience. We are a globally recognized spiral and tunnel freezer manufacturer with installations in over 20 countries. Advanced tunnel freezers have a reputation for quality, dependability and low cost of ownership.

When you buy our tunnel blast dolly freezer you are not just buying a tunnel freezer. Every Advanced freezer system we make is built to the highest standards. To us, every tunnel freezer we build is a work of refrigeration art. For over 30 years, Advanced Equipment has been a leading innovator and pioneer in the commercial freezer industry, and we intend to keep that lead

Tunnel Blast Food Industries

The predominant industry for tunnel blast systems is the seafood industry. Here are the other main industries that use our blast freezers for their food freezing processing.

Grow Your Business

Many of our customers have started out small and are now huge. With our modular tunnel freezers, you can expand production at a much lower cost than having to replace a smaller unit with an entirely new and larger freezer. Here are some other benefits included with our tunnel blast dolly freezer:

  • Pre-assembled at our factory and fully tested
  • Easily assembled on site
  • Built to USDA, FDA, UL, CFIA, OSHA and CSA - Specifications & Standards
  • Continuous inline food production
  • High-efficiency airflow and heat transfer
  • Easy access to sanitation and maintenance

Give us a call and an Advanced freezer system expert can guide you through the details to ensure you know what you are buying. You can also schedule a free consultation on our tunnel blast dolly freezer.

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