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Advanced Equipment offers tunnel and freezer systems


Advanced Equipment Inc. is a Canadian-North American IQF tunnel and spiral freezer manufacturer with an International reputation as one of the world's premier freezer manufacturers.


Our professional, licensed engineers have three decades of experience in design, refrigeration, and manufacturing for IQF freezer systems. We custom-build industrial food plant freezers in-house to exceptional quality standards. This has resulted in our stellar worldwide reputation for manufacturing economical, durable, reliable, and superior-quality tunnel or spiral freezers.

Our global headquarters, manufacturing, and distribution plant is in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. We also maintain a robust sales and customer support office in the United States.

We have a proven track record of over 700 installations spanning 20 countries (5 continents). You can count on Advanced Equipment for a hassle-free IQF tunnel or spiral freezer.

The Secret Sauce Behind our Spiral and Tunnel Freezer Systems

The secret behind our success boils down to five simple advantages included with every Advanced Equipment as a tunnel freezer manufacturer and spiral freezer manufacturer.

Research and product development is why advanced tunnel and spiral freezers keep getting better. Our engineers are perfectionists, constantly improving our freezer systems.

Advanced Equipment is known for being ahead of the curve in freezer system design and quality. Quality Components are built into an Advanced Equipment tunnel or spiral freezer before the nameplate goes on.

We are one of the few freezer system manufacturers that does not rely on outsourcing. Decades ago, we realized we had to manufacture as much in-house as possible to control quality.

We manufacture most of our IQF freezer components in-house, as contract suppliers can be unreliable and create severe problems. Thus, we avoid the inherent quality and logistical issues associated with contract suppliers.

Our simple 9-step process for buying freezer systems ensures maximum performance, dependability, and cost savings when purchasing and implementing an Advanced Equipment tunnel or spiral freezer.

We test your tunnel or spiral freezer BEFORE shipping. As impressive as it sounds, many manufacturers do not. Advanced Equipment leaves nothing to chance.

Every Advanced Equipment freezer is tested in our shop and approved by the customer before shipping. We are committed to producing quality products that prevent downtime when installing your tunnel or spiral freezer.

Our IQF freezer service and support team are global and within reach wherever you may be. We service what we sell, and like our IQF freezer systems, you can count on superior service and expert support.

Our Expertise as a Spiral and Tunnel Freezer Manufacturer

Our professional, licensed engineers have over 250 years of experience designing and manufacturing IQF tunnel and spiral freezers. Their specialized expertise is why you can expect higher efficiency, less floor space, and lower operating and equipment costs with an Advanced Equipment tunnel or spiral freezer.

Our experienced engineers shine through in every freezer we build. Our key executives are perfectionists on a mission to design and manufacture the most RELIABLE, EFFICIENT, and CLEAN FREEZERS of the highest quality for the food processing industry.

Let us serve your freezing needs. Call us or schedule your free introductory consultation for a new tunnel or spiral freezer.