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Intralox - A New Level of Spiral Success

A New Level of Spiral Success with Intralox

Today, you have more belt options for your spirals than ever before. But Intralox provides much more than just a belt. We specialize in complete spiral solutions. This comprehensive approach ensures that you get the
products and assistance you need, on time, every time.
We make your spiral belt investments reliable and risk-free with a combination of advantages you won’t find anywhere else:
• Written No Cure, No Pay performance guarantees
• Continuous support and service from the largest, most experienced Spiral Team in the modular plastic belt industry
• All-plastic spiral belts proven to increase productivity, protect product quality, and reduce waste

The Intralox Belt Benefits
75% Less Maintenance = Less Downtime
Our modular designs make repairs and change-overs simple and quick to maximize your production time: no welding, no “flipping,” no special tools needed. Also, no lubrication is ever required.

Cut Product Waste in Half
Our belts eliminate the black specks (or metal wear debris) and product sticking that result in product waste.

Higher Product Quality
Intralox’s plastic surfaces allow easy product release, which prevents marking.

Longer Belt Life
Our designs allow the belts to operate at very low tension, which prevents premature belt wear and greatly reduces your belt replacement costs.

Increased Throughput
Light plastic materials and modular load sharing ability enable Intralox spiral belts to carry more product and help you increase throughput

Easy Cleaning
Our belts are easier and faster to clean than metal and other plastic spiral belts, so you can spend less time on sanitation and more time producing

Three Spiral Belts Countless Spiral Solutions.

Series 2600 Spiralox™ Belt
Designed specifically for spiral applications, the Series 2600 Spiraloxbelt eliminates much of the labor and modifications associated with spiralretrofits. Features superior lateral beam stiffness, high strength, large open area, and a 1.6 turning radius.

Series 2400 Belt
Recommended for conveying delicate products that require tight transfers, the Series 2400 belt features a small pitch [1” (25.4 mm)] and makes turns up to 1.7 times the belt width.

Series 2200 Belt
Our Series 2200 belt is ideal for spiral applications requiring extra product support. The belt features a 1.5” (38.1 mm) pitch to facilitate smooth transfers and makes turns up to 2.2 times the belt width.

Real Results
“We considered several modular plastic belt options and chose Intralox based on previous experience with its belts and an offer of comprehensive retrofit support… Other belt manufacturers couldn’t give us the level of commitment promised and provided by Intralox.” According to Mr. Frazer, the new Intralox belt immediately decreased reject waste by 2.2%, saving the company approximately $110,000 ($53,068 USD) per year.
- Plant Manager Grant Inns and Engineering Manager Warren Frazer, Irvines Bakery, New Zealand,
excerpted from “Keep it moving,” Asia-Pacifi c Baker, February 2003

“Intralox really worked with us to retrofit our IJ White system from a hybrid belt to their modular plastic belt. They’ve been very responsive and their service has been excellent. We’ve experienced no downtime on the system. With the Intralox belt we have great product release and better sanitation results.”
- Vice President of Engineering Bob Gartland, Pan O Gold Baking Company, USA

“Recently we’ve replaced the strongest metal belt available with an Intralox belt on a spiral system at Miller Brewing. The results are impressive and Intralox’s solution far exceeded my expectations. The spiral now runs at low tension and performs beautifully.”
- Vice President of New Marketing Development H.J. “Sco” Scofield, FMC Foodtech, USA

“Intralox gave us the confidence we needed to try a plastic belt in the spiral freezer application. We were convinced that they had the experience and guarantees to make it work.”
- Project Manager Keith Painter, Eurotek Engineering, England