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Cambridge Spiral Cage and Turn belts

Spiral Belt
Cambridge's Spiral Cage and Turn belts are specially designed for multi-tier spiral conveyors used in the food industry, but are also ideal for many other applications requiring right and left turn capabilities, and in conveying around obstacles or in limited space. They also have the added advantage of collapsibility for thorough cleaning or sanitizing.

Cambridge spiral cage belts are used for proofing, cooling and freezing dough products, and for freezing everything from pizza to fish sticks. Soft dough products generally require the support of a mesh overlay Cam-Grid belt, while other products may be suited to rods-only Cam-Grid or Cambri-Link flat wire belting. Both belts combine straight turns, right turns, and left turns to provide smooth continuous product flow, avoiding pile-ups and eliminating transfers. They have the added advantage of collapsibility for thorough cleaning or sanitizing.

Cam-Grid belting is extremely versatile. It can be manufactured with double pitch overlay, or with plastic filler rods for extremely small product. Special constructions with heavy-duty non-collapsing edges for straight-line applications, as well as a heavy duty collapsing edge construction are available.
Cam-Grid belts are also available in rods-only construction, or with balanced weave mesh overlay to provide more support and the required openings.

With a tangential tension rating of up to 300 lbs., widths up to 54", single plasma arc welds or double compression welds*, and the ability to collapse to a 1.6:1 turn radius ratio, Cam-Grid Extra can handle the toughest spiral cage applications.

With an ever-growing emphasis on product output and plant efficiency, belts that carry increasingly heavier loads and perform well in less than ideal conditions are critical. Designed for superior strength, Cam-Grid Extra is made with .225" diameter high tensile rods that are 35% more deflection resistant than the rods in our competitor's belts and super heavy duty links that are more than twice as heavy as our regular heavy duty links. Weighing less than Heavy Duty Cam-Grid and up to 30% less than Cambri-Link belting, Cam-Grid Extra will carry more product without sacrificing belt life.
With factory production space at a premium, all processors using spiral cage equipment have a key desire in common - to maximize product throughput in the smallest possible space. An extra flexible belt, Cam-Grid Extra incorporates links that allow the belt to travel with a 1.6:1 turn radius ratio, making it ideal for smaller radius spiral cage systems.

Made with super heavy duty links and .225" diameter rods, Cam-Grid Extra is designed to wear better, handle more tension, and last longer than competitor's belts. In addition, all Cam-Grid Extra belts can be flipped - the only 1.6:1 turn radius ratio belt with this feature. The ability to flip Cam-Grid Extra means the belt will wear more evenly and provide maximum service life.

Cambri-Link belts offer all the advantages of a flat wire style belt, plus the ultimate flexibility of turns to 360 degrees. For heavier loads, Cambri-Link heavy duty belts are available with single or double reinforcing bars. Heavier versions of the reinforcing bar provide added tension capabilities for applications where the extra strength is needed.
Designed to be the toughest, strongest, longest lasting spiral cage belts anywhere in the world, Leading Edge Performance Grid* and Leading Edge Performance Link* spiral system belts move more product in less time than ever before possible. In fact, we are so confident that Leading Edge belts will deliver outstanding levels of durability and performance, we are able to back them with a 10 year/50,000 duty cycle limited service life warranty.