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Cambridge Flat Wire

In food processing, Flat Wire belts are used in cleaning and washing raw vegetables, seafood, meat and poultry. They carry heavy bags through filling and sealing operations. They run through dryers, heaters, coolers and sterilizers. They move furniture, books, bottles, cans, tiles, carpets, and hundreds of other products.

Cambridge Flat Wire belting offers an outstanding group of benefits that make it an excellent choice for many processing applications. Combined with the belt\'s reasonable cost, these benefits bring the processor efficient, trouble-free operation at minimum expense.

  • Large open mesh for free circulation and drainage

  • High strength-to-weight ratio for increased capacity

  • Easily and quickly cleaned to meet sanitation requirements

  • Minimum maintenance for low operating costs

  • Long service life for increased return on investment

  • Positive sprocket drive provides trouble-free operation

  • Smooth. Flat surface gives product stability
Flat wire (flatwire)
Flat wire belting

Clinched edge flat wire belts
Flat Wire 1" x 1" and 1 D2" x 1" belts are available with a choice of welded or clinched selvage.
All specifications are available in galvanized steel, high carbon steel, and stainless steel alloys. Special metals or alloys available upon request. Standard belt widths are available from stock.