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Advanced spiral steam cooker is one of the most versatile of all other types of cooker design. it is designed to cook any delicate product which ordinary will have product damage problems. products such as meatballs, meat patties, chicken parts, shrimps, perogies and prepared foods, etc.

Completely factory assembled, tested and electrically wired unit for minimum site installation time. there are only three connecting parts to be connected for operation: water drain, steam and electrical services.


A continuous in-line-belt freezer designed to assure quality gentle handling during cooking process and minimum weight loss of the product.
Products are fed evenly directly from the production line on the loading cooker belt. It quickly transports the product in to the high steam temperature cooking zone. The belt travels in spirals up along the rotating drum, until it reaches the top of the drum; the belt runs out of the cooker discharge port where the cooked product is gently discharged.
Due to the large belt surface available the product can be cooked in single layers or individually for I.Q.C. (Individually Quick Cooking) quality, and the product can maintain their original load in position throughout the freezing process. This allows simultaneous cooking of different products with mixing and simplifies product sorting after cooking.
Equipped with all stainless steel heavy-duty spiral telescopic belting; the belt can be telescoped and extended to change the pitch of the links. During operations the extended belt approaches the rotating drum one side of the belt telescoped in and cause it to turn around the drum as it travels in a spiral up the rotating.