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Accessory Equipment

Distribution Shaker complete with Dewatering Screen
Distribution Shaker is a variable speed stainless steel vibration pan c/w perforated holes for draining excessive product surface water. The vibration pan assures proper product distribution across the freezer loading belt and also even out the loading surge of the product feeding the freezer belt. The vibration device is epoxy coated for protection against rust.

Volumetric Feeding Conveyor
Volumetric feeding conveyor is design to deliver constant product load to the freezer in order to maximize and smooth out the freezer freezing capacity. The variable speed stainless belting complete with attached flights scoops the product up from the accumulation stainless steel hopper and transfer the product on the Distribution Shaker. This equipment will work best with the Distribution Shaker.

Extended Loading Conveyor Section
Extended Loading conveyor section consisting of extending the freezer-loading belt to six feet. This is to provide enough rooms for four productions personal to load and inspect the product as it is loaded by the feeding equipment.

Center Drum Washer, Belt Washer and Dryer
Center Drum & Belt Washer and Dryer consisting of high pressured stainless steel water pump and motor, removable spray nozzles, high pressure fan and motor. This is to high-pressure helps to clean the inside of the enclosure and drying of the freezer belt after production.

Center Drum Washer, Belt Washer Manifold
Center Drum and Belt Washer Manifold connecting to the plant high-pressure water for washing the freezer inside and belt.

De-Elevator Spiral Chute
De-Elevating Spiral Chute brings the product down to the production level for packing.

Combination of Glazing and De-Elevator Conveyor
Combination of Water Spray Glazing and De-Elevator Conveyor is consisting of stainless steel perforated belting c/w flights and stainless steel water sprayer chamber to assure even misting of frozen product as it is discharged on to the De-Elevator conveyor. This equipment is complete with drain pan and discharge chute. This equipment is used to coat the frozen product with layer of ice to protect the product from any product surface dehydration after frozen and during storage.
De-Elevator Conveyor
De-Elevator conveyor brings the frozen product down to the production level for packaging.

Automatic Cleaning in Place (CIP) System
Cleaning in Place System is use to sequentially high-pressure wash, soap, sanitizing the freezer interior automatically with PLC Controller and control valves.

Tangential Feed Conveyor
Tangential Feed Conveyor is use to load the product on the spiral belt inside the freezer at the point after the belt have collapsed. This will assure the product does not get deformed.This is usually used for fish fillets, raw chicken breast fillets.
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POULTRY INDUSTRY - chicken parts, chicken patties, chicken nuggets, marinated chicken chunk, breaded chicken parts
RED MEAT INDUSTRY - meat patties, meatballs, raw hamburger, breaded fried cuts
SEA FOOD INDUSTRY - breaded fish sticks or patties, raw shrimp, fish fillets, scallops, whole fish
BAKERY PRODUCTS - pizza crust, pie, cookie, pasta, bread dough
PREPARED FOODS - packaged food in trays, shrimp in trays, ice cream cups, products requiring a long retention time.
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