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Brochure Site Assembled Spiral Freezer

Completely factory assembled, and tested prior to shipping. The spiral conveyor is constructed with NON-CORROSIVE aluminium. Refrigeration coils are constructed with aluminium or hot-dipped galvanized steel to maximize heat transfer efficiency and length of operation Intervals. The frigid air is delivered with a aluminium high eff iciency air foil tan wheels directly driven by high efficiency motors. Air flow baffling is constructed of heavy gauge aluminiurn for maximiurn air channeling and optimum heat removal from the product. The freezer enclosure is constructed with 5 inch thick foamed in-place urethane laminated with stainless steel. All of the stainless steel joints are seal welded. The spiral drives are driven by a variable frequency drive for a smooth and safe control speed to protect the system from over-tension and malfunction. The freezer is built to USDA, FDA, OSHA and CSA standards

Spiral Belting
Advanced’s freezers are equipped with all stainless steel heavy-duty spiral telescopic belting. The belt can be telescoped and extended to change the pitch of the links. During operations the extended belt approaches the rotating drum with one side of the belt telescoped in, causing it to spiral up the rotating drum. The spiral belt is made of all stainless steel 304 material.

Belt Supports and Spiral Frame
The belt is supported by all hot-dipped galvanized steel rails, protected by U.H.M.W. polyethylene wear strips.  The spiral frames are also all hot-dipped galvanized steel constructed.

Spiral Freezer Drum
The drum is constructed with all hot-dipped galvanized steel structure materials, protected with U.H.M.W. polyethylene wear strips for many years of smooth maintenance-free operation.

Belt Take Up
The spiral belt system is equipped with automatic belt tensioned to ensure smooth belt operation in various temperatures ranges.

Drive System
The freezer drive system is located at the bottom side of the spiral conveyor, and is electrically driven by a variable frequency drive coupled with a high ratio reduction gearbox. The proper belt takes up tension id driven by a connecting jack shaft directly linked with a drum motor designed to operate at an overdrive speed ratio. When varying the drive motor, both belt and drum speeds change proportionately to compensate for the overdrive speed ratio.

Safety Features
For protection against over sized products, a limit switch is provided as an option at the in feed end of the freezer. For protection against over-tension of the belt, a safety belt tilt switch is located at the top tier of the freezer to protect each tier.

Evaporator Coil
The evaporator coil is made of all-aluminum fins and tubing for ammonia or freon for pumped re-circulation to flooded service. The fin spacing, which varies with the depth of the coil, is wide at the air inlet side and narrow at the discharge side. This ensures even frost built up on the coil without restricting airflow and thus maintains the maximum performance of the freezer operation time. The coil is furnished with liquid, suction, hot gas and water connections for easy hook up.

Air Flow System
The air is provided by all-aluminum high performance airfoil propeller fans directly driven by high efficiency motors. The single pass turbulent airflow passes through each tier from the top down and returns to the coil in a vertical circular loop pattern. This is the most efficient airflow pattern to obtain maximum heat transfer of the product.

Electrical Control Panel
The electrical control panel is mounted on the outside wall of the enclosure. The control panel is equipped with switches and motor starters, and are all fused to protect each motor. The electronic retention time meter and the digital temperature read out are also provided.

Enclosure Construction
The freezer enclosure consists of assembled 6? thick expanded polystyrene insulation panels with white enamel on galvanized steel finished. There will be one walk in door located at the easy access location to the spiral freezer. The floor is be provided with 8? rigid insulation with seal welded stainless steel skin complete with drain ports.
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• POULTRY INDUSTRY - chicken parts, chicken patties, chicken nuggets, marinated chicken chunk, breaded chicken parts
• RED MEAT INDUSTRY - meat patties, meatballs, raw hamburger, breaded fried cuts
• SEA FOOD INDUSTRY - breaded fish sticks or patties, raw shrimp, fish fillets, scallops, whole fish
• BAKERY PRODUCTS - pizza crust, pie, cookie, pasta, bread dough
• PREPARED FOODS - packaged food in trays, shrimp in trays, ice cream cups, products requiring a long retention time.
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